Thursday, April 7, 2011

Script Title: A Man Called Jon

Script Title: A Man Called Jon

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Filmmaker: DeAndra Stone

Country: USA

Category: Coming of Age

Short Synopsis: When Jon Gardner finds himself trapped in the bottom of an abandoned water well, he tries everything humanly possible to save himself. With little hope of rescue, all Jon can do is think. He wrestles with past hurts and present conflict, knowing how he got himself there, but not understanding why. His life is not complex and tends to be uneventful; it does not make sense that he would find himself in this situation. As Jon puts together the puzzle pieces of the last few days, he must come to grips with how his past fits into them. Through his struggle, he realizes he can no longer save himself, but that he, in fact, needs saving.

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