Thursday, April 7, 2011

Film: Jay

Film Title: Jay

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: E.R. Womelsduff

Cast: Casey Fitzgerald (Lead Actor), Alejandro Matias (Lead Actor), EJ Marin (Lead Actor), Mia Hays (Lead Actor), Michael Boston (Supporting), Kirsty Meares (Supporting), Tony Haig (Supporting), Warren Davis (Supporting), Henry Kemp (Supporting), Renee Pezotta (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Student Film

Short Synopsis: Jay is the story of a pregnant teenage girl who, on her 18th birthday, must decide whether or not to shatter ties with her biological but abusive family in order to build a new, unconventional idea of connection and home.

Detailed Synopsis: Jay is 18. She has spent 10 of those 18 years being more of an adult than the other grown-up presences in her life, and today she is finally fed up. Fed up with the abuse. Fed up with the negligence. Fed up with the drugs and sex and rules and regulations that bind her to her quickly disintegrating life. So, driven by her frustration as well as a fear that her 6-year-old sister Katie will experience the same cycle, Jay decides to take action. But the road to escape is not an easy one to find, and along the way she realizes that she cannot make it alone. The story of Jay weaves a raw, realistic tale of the trapped victim trying to find a way out.

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E.R. Womelsduff: Director, Writer
E.R. Womelsduff is a Junior Cinematic Arts and English double major at Azusa Pacific University. She is an award-winning writer, receiving second place in the national CCL undergraduate writing competition, and with selections of her poetry and short fiction published in The West Wind. She currently works as the writing assistant to Michael Karnow, co lead-writer for the SyFy pilot Alphas. Her Freshman directing project, Counter-Clockwise, won 3rd place in the Experimental category at the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts in 2010. In addition, one of her short films, "How the Faerie Got Her Wings" was a merited film in The Doorpost Film Project in 2011. "Jay" is her first time directing a full short film.

Emily originally heralds from Seattle, Washington and moved to Los Angeles two years ago to pursue a career in film.

Emily Michel Ford: Print Return, Print Shipper, Producer, Submission Contact
is a Senior double major in Business Administration and Cinematic Arts with an emphasis on producing. In 2010 the cinematic aesthetics project (How the Faerie Got Her Wings) that she produced and coordinated production design on became a merited film in the acclaimed Doorpost Film Project. At this point, she has successfully solely produced five short film projects, and completed production design on another four. In addition, she has worked as a production assistant for both Pilgrim Films & TV (The Scott Hamilton Project) and Tangible Vision (Gospel Dream), and currently works in marketing and client development at Raleigh Studios.

In addition to writing and producing cinema, Emily has a passion for international experience and studying abroad. She spent a semester studying film adaptation and European film history at Oxford University, and will start work as a Global Engagement Mentor at Study Abroad this fall. She was raised as an industry kid in Nashville, TN but relocated to Los Angeles three years ago.
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