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Film: God's Ears

Film Title: God's Ears

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Michael Worth

Cast: Michael Worth (Lead Actor), Margot Farley (Lead Actor), Mitzi Kapture-Donahue (Supporting), John Saxon (Supporting), Karen Kim (Supporting), Tim Thomerson (Supporting), Lois Stewart (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Feature Film

Short Synopsis: Noah Connelly is a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. When he meets a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants dancer named Alexia, both find themselves becoming attracted to each other and must face a bridge between them that neither are sure they are prepared to cross.

Detailed Synopsis: Noah Connelly (Michael Worth) is a boxer with a tireless opponent: Autism. Living a life unnoticed in the city of Oakland, he by chance crosses paths with a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants exotic dancer named Alexia (Margot Farley). Her transient approach to men creates a new dilemma for her as she meets Noah and watches his unique way of relating to the world. This chance meeting opens up an unexpected door for both as they find themselves becoming strangely attracted to each other. After encouragement from the owner of the gym (John Saxon) where he cleans the floors, Noah will go with Alexia on a journey to meet his family that will take her from the safety of her bubble and deeper into a world that will challenge her heart and mind. As they discover their feelings for one another are more than just friends, their safety valves will soon turn off. Alexia will find her approach to love and men may be more than just a crutch but the actual broken limb as well. And Noah will stop just looking at the ropes of that boxing ring an finally climb through them. Both will then face a bridge between them that neither are sure they are prepared to cross.

More Information:

Director Statement
"God's Ears" was an experiment to prove I could still write a script that did not contain Ninja Sasquatches.

Finding most work I had done challenged by the onslaught of standard script seminar advice, I began to wonder if writing was less about what is in your heart and more about a technical display of writing structure. And so, God's Ears became my way of breaking my own rigid approach to writing. Something I expected to sit on a shelf or buried deep in the recess of my computer folders having done its good duty.

But by the time I was half way through it, I began to realize that this was the kind of story that made me want to make my own films in the first place. As luck had it (I love when that happens), a producer friend of mine came back into my life with a few bucks burning a hole in his pocket and he wanted to make a film.

"How about a half finished script with no sellable aspects?"

He thought for a moment and then said: "I love it".

I approached God's Ears in a similar way I used to make films with an 8mm camera. I was looking for ease of movement and a small group of eager participants. Experience took a back seat to enthusiasm for the most part as we set out on a three-city tour and a ten day shoot. The experience and result has been nothing more than the most fulfilling creative aspect of my career (a big word usually reserved for more prolific people than I, but seems to fit here). And now I get the opportunity to take a film on the road that is more than just another story, it is a small glimpse into a real life story, the story of autism and how those in that world are struggling to reach out to our other world and clasp hands.

And even if the story line or the star power is not what makes for the next blockbuster action film, the content is more valuable than one penny that it will ever make to me.

Hope you enjoy it a fraction as much as I had seeing it come to life.

Michael Worth (director/actor/writer)

Michael Worth: Director, Lead Actor, Producers Rep, Writer

Actor/writer/producer Michael Worth it could be said began his film career at 11 years old with the super 8mm camera his mother bought him. When video cameras were becoming the norm, Michael worked the "old fashioned" way with film. His first production: The Tire. The story of a rocket-ship losing its cargo in flight and the tire that hits earth at "10,000 miles per hour" knocking everyone into the air that gets in its way. The end.

Michael recently took his already successful acting career and focused it on what he calls "a filmmaking career". He says: "I was no longer happy only functioning as the employee of someone else's project. My goals and ambitions have always been about creating and channeling whatever 'artistry' or creativity I had into the whole package, not just the one aspect." And so Michael made the move to return to his childhood filmmaking roots and build his projects from the ground up.

After trying his hand at writing (Ghost Rock, Dual) and some experimental film work (Killing Cupid) Michael directed his first real feature film GOD'S EARS just the way he has always liked it: A small crew and a small intimate cast. Writing the screenplay as only an experiment to be very "un-genre specific", Michael ended up making the film anyway. "I realized this was the kind of film I always wanted to do", he recalls. "From the heart and with no safety valve of plot point moments or star cameos. So my attempt at shaking up my creative noggin, became one of my greatest filmmaking experiences."

God's Ears finished post in late 2007.

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