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Film: Punch Me

Film Title: Punch Me

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director:: Robert X. Golphin

Cast: Robert X. Golphin (Lead Actor), Elwood Idris Simon (Lead Actor), Brian Anthony Wilson (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: With a romance on the rocks and a father on his sick bed, a young man must accept his true identity before he loses the two people he loves most. 'Sometimes a push is all you need'.

More Information:

Director Statement
Our nation's youth are vanishing at an alarming rate. In fact, just one death is too much. The rash of teen suicides due to homophobic bullying should be a wake-up call to society. We must learn to be more compassionate, caring, understanding and supportive as it regards people's differences.

It is one thing to hold firm your religious convictions. It is another thing entirely to make others feel that they are worthless or less than because of their sexual orientation.

This is my reason for creating "Punch Me".

I have family, friends and colleagues who are gay, and I have seen their struggles. Some are ashamed or afraid to embrace their identity. Some are ostracized from their loved ones. Some are looked down on by society. Some have nowhere to turn and no one to talk to.

My film sheds light on the need for unconditional love. The message is universal.

Regardless of the situation, we are supposed to treat others with respect and dignity. After all, do we not desire the same? Yet, as humans often do, we cause pain and suffering. This has to end.

My hope is that "Punch Me" will touch those who are suffering, and those who are causing harm. If just one person is inspired, encouraged and empowered, then the work of my talented cast and crew will truly be validated.

Production Notes
A) "Punch Me" was filmed in 2010 mainly in Devon, Pennsylvania.

B) The majority of principal photography took place at the residence of Matthew Borish, who starred on the hit CBS series, "Hack".

C) The film's star, Robert X. Golphin was injured multiple times on set by co-star, Elwood Idris Simon during filming. He was left with a nasty scar and a bruised eye.

D) The film's director of photography, Steve Laramie, turned eighteen the day after production wrapped.

E) The film's star, Elwood Idris Simon originally was hired to be Mr. Golphin's stand-in, but ended up with a pivotal role instead.

F) The cast and crew were very fortunate to work with highly accomplished stage and screen vet, Brian Anthony Wilson of HBO's "The Wire".

Robert X. Golphin: Director, Lead Actor, Submission Contact, Writer
Robert X. Golphin is an American award-nominated actor, award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter, author, motivational speaker/orator, and journalist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is best known for his portrayal of Dunbar Reed in the 2007 film The Great Debaters.

In a CBS-TV interview, Denzel Washington said Robert "never said anything about his writing and found out later he's written books, working on screenplays, (and) making movies. Just was an unusual cat. Came in and read and (there) was just something about him that I like. And obviously he's very intelligent."

Some of Robert's other work include HBO's "The Wire" and the indie features "Rounding First" and "Remember The Daze". But it is perhaps the short film genre where his range is on full display. His complex and diverse roles include a lovestruck artist type in "Simply Untitled", a heroin addict in 2005's "Track Marks" (called "Sincere and hand-wringing" by 'The Philadelphia Weekly'), and a nobody turned superstar in 2008's award-winning "Beautiful Man In The Buff", in which he picked up a "Best Actor" nod at the Downbeach Film Festival. He portrayed the role of an Obama-esque civil rights attorney in 2009's "In Heaven's Court". He will next be seen in the upcoming 2010 drama "Punch Me", opposite Brian Anthony Wilson of HBO's "The Wire".

Robert's literary contribution includes the novel "Abandoning Adam: Confessions of an HBCU Scholar", which is available through thousands of retailers nationwide.

Academy Award nominee, Stephen J. Rivele, presented Robert with a screenwriting award at a 2007 press conference and said this about Golphin and his winning script:

"(Robert wrote) one of the most courageous screenplays I’ve ever read. Just taking on the subject that it attempts was an act of great courage. But that (he) pulled it off with such sophistication and grace and power is a real testament to true talent. I was extremely moved.

"A beautiful screenplay. Beautifully done. Exquisitely executed on a subject that I think would defy the efforts of most mainstream Hollywood screenwriters. And this is what I mean when I say young people have to challenge Hollywood to renew its birthright for sensitivity and courage and cutting edge issues. And this screenplay is a perfect example of that.”

Robert holds a B.A. in Theater and Film (Magna Cum Laude), and a Diploma in Creative Writing from the Philadelphia H.S. for the Creative & Performing Arts.

Lori M. Childress: Executive Producer, Production Manager
Lori M. Childress launched Blue Angel Entertainment, LLC in summer 2009 after years of producing and production management duties on a slew of independent feature and short subject films and music videos. These experiences helped prepare her for operating her own company. Her credits (official and unofficial) range from on-set still photography & headshots to property design, and from personal assistant to talent manager. This body of work gives her the knowledge of the many facets of the entertainment business. She made her debut screen performance in her company's debut project, "Inside of Me".

Lori's production credits include the feature films, "Acrimony' and "The Golden Empire", and the short subjects "Simply Untitled (Redux)", "The Bridge", and "Insecure". She co-wrote and produced the award-winning "The Cage", and last produced the award-winning "Beautiful Man In The Buff". She is currently in pre-production on her feature film directorial debut; a project she co-authored entitled "Alms'. The project placed 2nd for "Best Screenplay" at the 2009 Down Beach Film Festival.

Lori's true passion is filmmaking. But she studied psychology and education in college. She also served as a Corrections Nurse for over a decade. Face to face on a daily basis with people from all walks of life, unbeknownst to her this would help prepare her for communicating and collaborating with the diverse filmmaking community of the world.

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