Thursday, April 7, 2011

Film: Lever of Justice

Film Title: Lever of Justice

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Carlton Winston

Cast: Austin W. M. Johnston (Lead Actor), Jennifer Javier (Supporting), Jim Clark (Supporting), Elizabeth Winston (Supporting), Mathew Charlie James Tierney (Supporting), Carlton Winston (Voice)

Country: USA

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: Forest People live in the beautiful forest, with mountains and rivers. They protect us from dangerous things. They let us only see them, when they want us to. Artisan wants to have a family as his brother does. Artisan likes Tamada and wants to be with her. As the seasons pass, Artisan tells his story.

Detailed Synopsis: Forest People appear and disappear running through the forest. They protect hunters, hikers and children from dangerous things. They only let us see them, when they want us to. The forest is very beautiful with mountains and rivers. Artisan wants to have a family like his brother. Artisan likes Tamada very much and is very happy, when Tamada is his wife and having a child. Artisan lets us know, that the Forest People are there to protect us.

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