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Film Title: Not on the 1st Date

Film Title: Not on the 1st Date

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Carlos Dorsey

Cast: Darrin Lackey (Lead Actor), Megan Lester (Lead Actor),

Country: USA

Category: Student Film

Short Synopsis: How do you start over? How does one move on after years in a relationship? It's not easy to go from being a we, to now being just a me? These are the questions facing Anthony as he ventures out into the world of dating all over again.

More Information:

PRODUCTION NOTES – Not on the 1st Date

Not on the 1st Date was written, shot, and taken to completion all within a 3 month time frame. With under a thousand dollars in the overall budget, writer / producer / director Carlos Dorsey was able to shoot this 16mm short film within a total of eight different film locations, to recreate a slice of the Los Angeles night life on the dating scene.

After completing the script, Carlos hand drew a shot-for-shot storyboard which was given to the entire cast and crew. The idea was for everyone to see the project that they were setting out to make. This helped to bring everyone on to the same page, for a smoothly run shoot.

But, as with all things, there are always problems and complications. So to give you a true glimpse into the film making process, I will share with you just one of the many stories to take place during shooting. We always took the legal approach of obtaining permits for all film locations. There were some locations which gave us permission to shoot on their property, but limited us to stay within a particular area. These “particular areas” always turned out to be the areas that where the least attractive or had the least amount of life. And, that always looks bad on screen. So, when this happened I took my film crew and my cast to the more interesting spaces that were restricted to our film shoot and just shot my film anyway. On one occasion a police officer walked right into one of the shots and asked me what I was doing. I looked him straight in the eye and said: “we are rehearsing. I want to keep the scene fresh so that once we are ready, we can start to shoot” in that less interesting space. The officer was satisfied with my answer, gave me back my paperwork and walked away. As he did, I told my DP to roll camera and I called Action! Needless to say, we got our film made just as I intended.

All the elements of this film seemed to come together in that movie magic sort of way. I met the truly talented singer and song writer, Clare Means, shortly after completing the script. I was just walking through the Santa Monica Promenade when I heard this beautiful voice singing a song about loneliness in Los Angeles. I knew that this was the perfect song to complement my film. We talked about collaborating on the project and as soon as I reached picture lock, she joined us in the studio to record the featured song “Angels on the Freeway”.

Carlos Dorsey
: Director, Producer
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Carlos Dorsey is a writer, producer, and director whose filmmaking embodies both his passion and his creativity. He was born to both African American and Latino parents who gave him the foundation which he prides himself on today. This is embodied in his outlook of the world; his view that the world is, as we make it. It is how we shape it. And it is through the camera’s lens that he expresses this vision. In spite of the obstacles to come his way, Carlos continues to maintain a positive outlook which he infuses into the films he sets out to make.

Carlos Dorsey attended the University of California at Berkeley for his undergraduate studies, where he double majored in Film and Psychology. From there he took on a number of film projects to learn more about the world of filmmaking. From PA to Producer, Carlos climbed the ladder to learn how to make a movie. After years of working for other people and learning how to take a film from development to the screen, he decided it was his time to step out on faith and begin his own production company.

In 2002 Carlos developed Insight Entertainment and shot his first short film, FINAL BLUES, in the then new format of HD. This short film, which he wrote, produced, and directed, went on to screen at 8 film festivals. But the process was grueling. While editing this short film, Carlos took the $98 dollars remaining in the budget and shot his second short film, THE PACKAGE. This film went on to screen in over 40 film festivals around the world. Carlos received numerous accolades for the writing, directing, and overall creativity of each of these films.

At this point, Carlos made the decision to develop his artistic vision by returning back to school for his masters in Cinema. He is currently attending the University of Southern California which is noted by Newsweek magazine as being the best film school in the nation.

While at USC, Carlos continues to refine his vision. His films HAPPENSTANCE, and THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS have both screened and been nominated for best film in film festivals all across the world. Once again, the comments focus on his unique vision, creative expression, and the thought provoking qualities within his filmmaking.

Carlos Dorsey is a Filmmaker who is driven to tell stories in a unique way. His vision is distinctive and his voice is dedicated to infusing thought and emotion into every film he creates. And with that being said, I present to you his latest film for your enjoyment: NOT ON THE 1st DATE.

Darrin Lackey: Lead Actor
Darrin Lackey grew up in southwest Missouri where he began his acting career at the age of 6 in a production of Christmas Variety. Fearing becoming a “has been child star”, Darrin left the rigorous and seedy world of small-town holiday plays and focused on skateboarding. After failing miserably coupled with realizing the futility of learning to skate on a gravel-covered farm, he found his new passion: drums. Thanks to the Grunge scene and various scholastic programs, Darrin continued to hone his skills through his teens. After fleeing the nest for the Drafting program at Missouri Southern State University, he discovered his hate for Drafting and his love for Jack Daniels. After his first year, lost and juiced up on creatine, he knew it was time to re-tool the future. His love of films and his previous passion for performing music lead him to explore acting. Darrin met with the head of the Theatre department to discuss his options. The professor proceeded to ask about his acting experience, Darrin then explained: “I had a girlfriend for two years, I always had to act interested”; the professor was not amused, but he did open the doors to his future. Small roles turned into supporting and supporting turned into leads, giving him the tools to move on to Graduate school at Roosevelt University in Chicago; no thanks to Drafting. Darrin enjoyed TV and commercial work there and is now in Hollywood avoiding Christmas plays.

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