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Film: Mozzman Episode 3: Ladymozz and the Death of Earth

Film Title: Mozzman Episode 3: Ladymozz and the Death of Earth

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Cris Ubermann

Cast: Hiro Super (Lead Actor), Sulai Lopez (Supporting)

Country: Japan

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: An amnesiac alien philosopher, whose yearning to go back to his planet leads him to join the spaceships in the Waltz of Eclipse, begins to recover his memory and experiences the generosity and friendship of Earth's children.

Detailed Synopsis: LADY MOZZ AND THE DEATH OF EARTH is a groundbreaking short film that presents a highly humanistic and optimistic worldview through the eyes of its child-like protagonist. Made to be experienced as 'poetry on film,' the lean, quietly bold storytelling and the elevated level of craftsmanship weave multiple elements into an engaging and lyrical cinematic event. In but a 12 minute runtime, the movie, with its breathtaking cinematography by French filmmaker Cris Ubermann and Japanese actor Hiro Super's strong characterization, chronicles alien philosopher Mozzman's walking journey through Japan via unforgettable images and memorable original music, rather than relying on extensive dialogue, reflecting the series' international character. The magnificent 'Waltz of Eclipse' scene, in which the spaceships invite the hero to join Sun and Moon in a sweepingly poetic, dazzling and hypnotic aerial dance, is at once evocative and provocative.This third episode of the 'Mozz' films finds the alien philosopher Mozzman (Hiro Super) stranded in Japan with no memory of himself or his goals. His encounter with mothers and their children at a riverfront park helps him recall his own mother, Ladymozz (Sulai Lopez), the Great Queen of Planet Mozz. The children share food with Mozzman, recognizing his essential innocence that mirrors their own. The mystical being Kitakitsune appears and gives Mozzman a strange Blue Ball. Not knowing what to do with it, he pockets it and makes his way to Yokohama. There, he encounters the mysterious Mr. Juen, who gives him a coin, saying 'you will need this.' When Mozzman then sees an amusement park ride, he mistakes it for a spaceship that can send him home. During the ride, Mozzman slowly realizes that he is just circling, but not returning to his planet. Yet, the circling reminds Mozzman of the Earth's cycle of seasons -- one of the key elements of his forgotten mission. Now, Virozz, a disfigured shape-shifter, emerges on the Earth as a deadly mutant virus. When the Earth feels this, it reacts explosively, with cataclysmic destruction in every land. As Mozzman contemplates the Blue Ball, Ladymozz appears advising him to use her spirit to stop the Death of Earth.The movie is a part of the ongoing 'Mozz' project, which French filmmaker Cris Ubermann and Japanese actor/writer Hiro Super began in 2009. They are now working on the series' first feature film, 'Journey to Mt. Fuji,' which is set on both the Earth and Planet Mozz and once again stars Super and Sulai Lopez as the ethereal yet eternal Ladymozz. It is slated to be completed in fall 2011.MOZZMAN EPISODE 3: LADYMOZZ AND THE DEATH OF EARTH is directed by Cris Ubermann, written by Hiro Super, and produced by Super through his production company Hiromak International. The original music is composed by Paul Lazar. The cast includes Hiro Super, Sulai Lopez, Kashu Kurata, and Islay the Mutt.

More Information:
Cris Ubermann: Cinematographer/DP, Director, Editor
Fascinated by poeticism of the land, Ubermann is now based in Japan and makes movies with his distinctive impressionistic style of filmmaking, for which he has become the cult figure in the global short film community.

Ubermann began making experimental short movies in 90's at the prestigious Art School of Lyon in his native France. His urge to make movies were triggered by extensive study of psychoanalysis (Freud, Lacan, Jung etc.), which led him to discover and pursue the powerful impact of "images in movement" on human subconsciousness.

Since relocating to Tokyo in mid 2000's, he has been making movies at a frenetic pace.

His current works include two charity projects, “Dancing4Kids” and “Smile Workout”, in collaboration with top performance artists and well-known humanitarians from around the world.

Hiro Super: Lead Actor, Preview Return, Print Return, Print Shipper, Submission Contact, Writer
Hiro Super is a Japanese stage and screen actor with a solid fan base in the art / music scene in Hollywood and Europe. He received favorable notices for his performances in art films, including “SUB: Way of Samurai”, “Film Noir”, and “Edonism” directed by Italian filmmaker Alessandro Fantini. In many of his projects, such as “Mozzman”, he spearheads the productions also as a writer / producer, in addition to being an actor. IIn 2010, he wrote, directed and starred in "The Great Grateful Jizo”, a new original stage musical which he's planning to present in Los Angeles and New York in 2011. Children's book adaptation of the show is currently in the works. Super is also the second face of the Kate Crash band, being produced by legendary music producer Nick Launay ("Arcade Fire", "Nick Cave", "Snoop Dog", "Yeah Yeah Yeahs").
Super has BA in Print Journalism from University of Southern California.

Paul Lazar: Original Music/Composer
Paul Lazar is a pioneering musician who has been working with some of the very best in global art and entertainment for more than 20 years. He recently played in the French musical sensation "Gotan Project". Lazar is currently playing as key violinist in "ZED" in Japan, a new "Cirque du Soleil" production written and directed by Guy Fran├žois Girard.

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