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Film: Show Her Love Tonight

Film Title: Show Her Love Tonight

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Carlos Renteria

Cast: Carlos Renteria (Lead Actor), Savannah Morgan (Lead Actor), Jorge Cortez (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: A man confronts his inner sensitive side approaching a female employee hoping to get a date.

Detailed Synopsis: This is a story of a man trying to discover his inner feelings and reconnect with a woman again. Pete 32, has ties with a mob and is involved in criminal activity. He realizes he has no feelings and doesn’t know what it feels like to love a woman. One evening, he sees an attractive female employee closing a store. He decides to explore his emotions and challenges himself, approaching her and asking her out on a date. Pete walks inside the store. Isabel 26, is cleaning and tells him the store is closed. She is a hard working woman who is trying to save money for culinary school. Pete gets her to fix him a last minute order to go. He talks to her while she prepares his order. She is trying to fix his order quickly so she can get him to leave. But somehow he succeeds and gets her to have coffee with him the following night. The next night they sit and have coffee getting to know each other. There is a knock on the door, Isabel gets up to answer it. A man with flowers walks inside. All of a sudden, Pete reacts violently toward them. She is stunned by his behavior. She yells back, telling him to get out and never return. The following night Pete prepares to enter the store and apologize. He decides to put his ego aside and show this woman he is sincere. But he is met with hostility. Isabel does not want anything to do with him. She feels this guy is not worthy of her by the way he behaved. How could this man she barley knows walk into her store and insult her. Pete does not back down. Presenting himself kindly, he shows her he is truly sorry for his actions. He walks in with confidence and tells her he is sorry. Isabel wants no part of it. She continues to hold her stance, not allowing him to manipulate her. Eventually, with a bit of charm and affection, his persistence pays off. He works his way back into her trust. Explaining how his actions were unacceptable and that he would never do it again. She decides to give him another chance. They walk out.

More Information:

Director Statement
After I graduated college and pursued a career in show biz, I was itching to make my first short film as a filmmaker. It took me a while to gather the courage and commitment to put together a story and put it on tape. I remember countless sleepless nights wondering if I could make a short film that people would be interested in watching. The only way I would know is if I jumped right into the fire and made it happen.

I knew it was going to be a challenge to form a crew and make it run smoothly. Especially being a first time filmmaker with no educational training. But I figured, you have to fall sometimes when you are experimenting. I just have to pick myself up, learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward.

I needed to write a script and save enough money to package a micro budget project with little resources. All I needed was a camera and good solid acting. Deciding what script to write my first step. My first thoughts and questions were of things I used to enjoy doing when I was a teenager. I came up with a simple answer, I used to like hitting on girls everywhere and anytime.

So I decided to do a short film about romance dealing with interracial dating. I know how society frowns upon it and would rather not see it happen. However, the reality is that it happens every day and will continue to grow. People will meet others of different backgrounds and race classes because it is human nature. We are fascinated by our unique cultures.

I wanted Show Her Love Tonight to be a positive experience for people of all ages to view. Describing how a man and woman can click regardless of different backgrounds and social classes. It was important to show human nature first and not who the characters were.

There was a time in my life when I had to experience firsthand how people of different ethnic groups did not approve of interracial dating as part of their culture. And I’m not just singling out certain groups, I’m talking multiple races. I remember I was dating an Asian woman in college who was first generation American. When her family had gatherings I felt lots of hostility and hatred from her relatives on both of us. This eventually put a strung on our relationship and we were forced to end our friendship. I felt sad, angry and disappointed at how people can look down upon others because of who they are.

I wanted Show Her Love Tonight to show how people can be attracted to each other regardless of race, and not care what others think. Creating a normal environment and the similarities between a man and woman regardless of different backgrounds.

Production Notes
"Pre Production"
Carlos Renteria held auditions for SHOW HER LOVE TONIGHT in Los Angeles. The leading female role was selected out of seventy five actresses in the Los Angeles area. The location of the film was the biggest challenge. Carlos was looking for a store that brought out originality of a real life rough neighborhood feeling. Eventually a place was found after fifteen stores scouted. The location was set in a mini food store in South Los Angeles.

SHOW HER LOVE TONIGHT was shot in a Red One Camera (High Def) by experienced Cinematographer Bruce Monach.

Sound played a crucial role due to the fact we were shooting near LAX. It was handled professionally by production sound mixer Shyam Sundar.

Editing was completed on Final Cut Pro. Carlos handed the job to talented Cody Cuellar.

Carlos Renteria: Director, Lead Actor, Producer, Submission Contact, Writer
Carlos Renteria has appeared in an International movie made for TV in certain Asian countries. He has also been in numerous short films and commercials. Carlos has lot's of stage experience, touring several cites and performing in plays. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Fresno State University where he studied acting.

Savannah Morgan: Lead Actor
Savannah Morgan is a passionate actress and Argentine Tango instructor with a BA in Business Management. She has worked both sides of the camera and took a crash course in filmmaking at the Met Film School in London. She moved to LA in January to pursue acting full time. When not on set, she directs and edits shorts and rescues stray cats.

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