Thursday, April 7, 2011

Film: Sarina's Song

Film Title: Sarina's Song

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Angelique Letizia

Cast: Francesco Saviano (Lead Actor), Megan Channell (Lead Actor), Michael O'keefe (Lead Actor), Mauricio Bustamante (Lead Actor), Margot Kidder (Lead Actor), Martin Soole (Supporting), Ashton Crosby (Supporting), Michael Buscemi (Supporting), Rosina Fernhoff (Supporting), Tamar Pelzig (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Student Film

Short Synopsis: Set in the 1940's, 'SARINA'S SONG' follows the journey of a young woman who seeks to escape her aristocratic upbringing for a chance at true love.

Detailed Synopsis: Set in the 1940's, 'SARINA'S SONG' follows the Berkley's, an aristocratic family in the American society of Long Island, NY. Sarina Berkley is a sensitive romantic who dreams of being with William Smith, a servant in her mansion and her only true love. When Sarina discovers her father Charles Berkley (a man of high social standing) has organized an engagement party to celebrate her arranged marriage to wealthy shipping magnate's son, Sam Harrington, she panics and runs away. With the help of her faithful maid and ever loyal butler, Sarina sets off on a journey to free herself from the trappings of wealth, to live a truly rich life with the man she loves.

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