Thursday, April 7, 2011

Film: Love is Love

Film Title: Love is Love

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Gabriela Tagliavini

Cast: Jay Jacobson (Lead Actor), Adam Jona (Supporting), Raphael Angelo (Supporting), Lorenz Nicholas (Supporting), Bev Miller (Supporting), Michael Sorich (Supporting), Marianne Buckley (Supporting), Stoney Michelli (Supporting), Emanuel Loarca (Supporting), Denny Joshua Lopez (Supporting), Lisa Marie Galvez (Supporting), Alvin Ellie (Supporting), Jay Jacobson (Voice)

Country: USA

Category: Music Video

Short Synopsis: Love is Love', a joyful anthem about the need for love equality in today's society.

Detailed Synopsis: Love is Love', a bold music video exploring how we are all equal through our need for love, and looking at the hypocrisy of today's society with regard to gay and lesbian equality.

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