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Film: Bathroom Mirrors

Film Title: Bathroom Mirrors

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: April Heather Garwood

Cast: April Heather Garwood (Lead Actor), Orlando Wilson (Lead Actor), Saghar Shokohi (Lead Actor), Robert Schumacher (Lead Actor), Alexa Kahn (Voice), Lisa Merkin (Voice)

Country: USA

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: Bathroom Mirrors is the story of two couples who are both dealing with challenging problems in their relationships. As Mom tells Addison, 'Relationships are not always easy, in fact sometimes they're really hard. But you've got to keep the faith.'

More Information:

Director Statement
"Bathroom Mirrors" was born out of a brainstorming session, and an image of a sad girl on the other side of a window pane. Orlando Wilson and I had met at an orientation to film school - one that neither of us ended up attending. (I am now at Los Angeles City College) We were both eager to learn and to practice the craft of filmmaking. I'm so glad that I took it on with naivety, because knowing what I know now, I may not have tried to tackle this feat! A few months after principle photography, and after a 15 minute rough cut had already been made, the film encountered severe technical problems and was shelved for almost a year. I thought it was irreparable and almost threw it in the trash, but something made me persevere. I suppose it was my background as an actor and remembering how much I hated doing projects for free and never seeing a final product because that filmmaker gave up. I couldn't let my actors down.


April Heather Garwood:
Additional Photography, Director, Editor, Lead Actor, Producer, Submission Contact, Writer

April Heather studied theater at AMDA, a two year professional conservatory, in New York City. Her notable theater performances include playing Mary, mother of Jesus, in "Witness" at the Actor's Playpen in Hollywood, and also Alice in "Alice's Adventures" at the Seattle Children's Museum. Her film credits include starring in the independent feature "The Summer Shadow" and "Dry Boy" a short, and also her own film "Bathroom Mirrors" which she not only starred in but wrote, produced, directed and edited. She is currently in film school at Los Angeles City College where she wrote, produced, directed and edited both "Cinderella Thief" and "The Silence to Hear." The latter was voted an audience favorite and was therefore given the opportunity to screen for the public. Her next projects include editing a film for the 168 Project, a speed filmmaking competition, this February, and she's also writing a new web series scheduled for production later this year.

Orlando Wilson: Cinematographer/DP, Lead Actor
Orlando Wilson began performing in small theaters at a very young age in Kalamazoo, a small town in Michigan. After studying the craft, and participating in various local cable shows and theater in Michigan, Orlando decided to take his gift to the West coast. While continuing his studies with various notable acting schools and coaches in LA, Orlando has gone on to film several commercials such as “Home Depot” and “Feed The Pig,” and to co-star with Christian Slater on the ABC prime time show "The Forgotten,” just to name a few. Orlando has also written and produced several independent films. While Orlando is continuing to pound the pavement working towards his goal, you can catch him in Eastern Sky Theater Company’s production of "The Last Appeal" currently touring the Los Angeles area

Robert Schumacher: Lead Actor
Robert Schumacher got his Bachelor degree from the University of Idaho where he minored in theater. He has appeared in student productions "Green Mile" and "Newsflash." He is also a writer and stuntman.

Saghar Shokohi: Lead Actor
Saghar Shokohi studied with a few well known acting coaches in LA, including 'cold reading' with Bobbie Chance, 'on camera' at the Larry Moss studio, theater at the Actor's Playpen and is currently studying with Amy Lyndon. Her film credits include starring in not only "Bathroom Mirrors" but also "Cinderella Thief," another short. She has also worked on a few commercials like "Comcast" and "Home Depot" and print jobs such as "Yahoo." Her love for the craft and her faith will definitely take her even further on this beautiful journey.

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