Thursday, April 7, 2011

Film: Dewitt & Maria

Film Title: Dewitt & Maria

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Dennis Devine

Cast: David Novak (Lead Actor), Lee Benton (Lead Actor), Dylan Diehl (Lead Actor), Jeremie Loncka (Lead Actor), Olivia Dawn York (Lead Actor), Danielle Deluca (Lead Actor), Kevin Trang (Lead Actor), Phil Wiseman (Lead Actor), Terry Moore (Supporting), Bjorn Olsen (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Feature Film

Short Synopsis: A happy movie about love. A wonderful movie experience for every generation and the whole family. Dewitt believes electronics and chemistry can show him how to love until Maria shows him how to dance. This movie is like 'Napoleon Dynamite' meets 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' . D&M is a movie that the actors are proud to show their mothers.

Detailed Synopsis: Suppose a guy could come up with a computer program that would tell him how a girl's brain works. Dewitt Fullbean works day and night to solve this problem. He has a real someone in mind and she lives in the same apartment building. The name on her mailbox is M. Vornellini. Dewitt hasn't gotten past her mailbox. He doesn't want to send premature signals to her brain by doing something rash like, say, starting a conversation. Dewitt has developed LoveSoft for his software company. LoveSoft's human interface is an avatar named Heidi, who is a beautiful young woman. Heidi understands how all a woman's chemicals work which prompts her to give some strange advice. Meanwhile, Maria is working hard to establish herself in the medical profession as a physician assistant. She notices Dewitt, but is put off by his strange behavior whenever they encounter each other around their building. Maria's sisters differ on the what's wrong with this person Maria calls 'the stalker'. Toni thinks he may be dangerous. Monica thinks he may be a mis-understood superhero.Their parents' meet the old fashioned way while visiting their offspring at the apt building, and decide to help with Dewitt and Maria's social lives. As they play match-makers, they find themselves matched. They arrange for Dewitt and Maria to meet, but things don't go well. Dewitt tries to get a date with Maria. The Russians hack into LoveSoft, causing Heidi, now transformed into a Russian, to give some even weirder advice.What happens next is a funny roller coaster ride through love, loss, technology, plumbing, dancing and relief of a mis-understood superhero's curse, to Dewitt's discovery of M. Vornellini--Maria.

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