Thursday, April 7, 2011

Film: A Turn of the Blinds

Film Title: A Turn of the Blinds

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Mary Beth Rim

Cast: John Rim (Lead Actor), Marcia Hepps (Lead Actor), Mary Beth Rim (Supporting), Sara Painter (Supporting), Brian Wilson (Supporting), Michael Broussard (Supporting), Bill Vargus (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: Entering the Holiday Season, In a 'timeless' town outside Philadelphia, a secretary at a 'mom and pop' Insurance/Tax business has just won the lottery and turned in her resignation. This leaves Joe, (our sweet and lonely, 60yr old main character, whose been widowed for 30+ years) looking to fill the secretary position. Three odd ball and humanly hysterical characters show up at the interviews and Joe is left feeling more alone than ever. The day after the interviews, as Joe is chatting with his best buddy, Frank, a women walks in and asks if he is still hiring. This woman , Ms. Betty Drinker, turns out to fill the secretarial spot as well as fill a place in Joe's heart.

More Information:
Director Statement
“My vision was to make it simple,” says Mary Beth Rim, writer and director, “tell a story focusing on heart, honesty and a timeless magic. Some storytelling has a habit of getting lost in today’s 'innovative' filmmaking movie magic tricks. I did not want A Turn of the Blinds to fall into this category. This story needed to be told simply and well; we need to feel as if these characters and their issues could exist in any town, in any time. Inspiration came from The Godfather, Moonstruck, and believe it or not Lady and The Tramp. A Turn of the Blinds is the little movie with great big heart!"

Production Notes
"We got The Wire star to be in our film!"
Brian Anthony Wilson, who played Detective Holley on HBO's Emmy-winning series The Wire appears in A Turn of the Blinds as Frank, a local deli owner. "I was on the set of the new DeNiro film Limitless in Philadelphia and got to talking with Brian, who appeared in that film, and he agreed to be a part of our production!" ~ Sara Painter, Producer ATOTB

"Introducing John Rim!"
John Rim, the star of A Turn of the Blinds dazzles as Joe Aruffo, local tax preparer. "John is Mary Beth's dad, and he is the greatest guy in the world-everyone who meets him loves him. He had never acted a day in his life before, but he IS Joe Aruffo. We took a chance and cast him as the lead and he is amazing in this film. His performance is so honest, real and it truly touches your heart. Watch out world- you have a new leading man!" ~Sara Painter, Producer, ATOTB

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