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Film: Breakfast & Epiphanies

Film Title: Breakfast & Epiphanies

Award Designation: Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award Winner.

Director: Ryan Golchuk

Cast: Robert Scott Howard (Lead Actor), Lisa Marie Smith (Lead Actor), Randy Carels (Supporting)

Country: USA

Category: Short Film

Short Synopsis: Iconic & campy: Holly Golightly's quest for romance leads to 'breakfast & epiphanies.'

Detailed Synopsis: A campy look at romance and icons. Holly Golightly is on a quest for love and romance. She imagines what it would be like to be married as she marches to the alter in an apparent empty church. To her surprise, she meets Paul, a good looking evening hustler that is kept by a woman as he writes his way to fame and fortune...Holly knows of him but can't accept his proposals and charm since he has no money of his own...but she finds him very sexy. Paul woos her playfully and tells the beauty she is flawed...he tells her that 'the swan should never conceal its best asset.' Paul pins Holly's hair up over her head in a fashion that is identical to Audrey Hepburn's style in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' She almost loses herself to his advances but then tells him that to try again when he' rich. Holly sashays next door to the museum where Mario the janitor tells her to continue her quest and perhaps she will find answers to her quest, perhaps an epiphany. Holly looks at a passionate picture of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on a motorcycle. Paul appears and they study the picture and note how happy they look and how short life was for them...yet they both lack the portrayed loving relationship. They have a moment together and Holly is wooed into the arms of Paul and they passionately kiss. As Mario comes in to clean, the lovers realize how hungry they are. Of course they haven't had breakfast yet and they glance at Mario...Holly and Paul's fangs emerge. Epiphany.

More Information:

Production Notes
"The Kiss"
Actors Lisa Marie Smith and Robert Scott Howard were NOT allowed to kiss during rehearsals. Director Ryan Golchuk wanted their first kiss to be a build up off their off screen chemistry.

"Organic Filmmaking"
Although the original take of the short was a variation of Holly Golightly, the male actors had their own take with looks and mannerisms. Secretly the guys wanted to upstage Holly and could not do it from the dialog...with a little help in post and the music of Russian composer Alexander Borodin, Iconic Romance evolved into Iconic Camp. Thanks guys!!!

Ryan Golchuk: Cinematographer/DP, Director, Editor, Print Return, Print Shipper
Ryan wrote his first screenplay as a teen. Caught by the filmmaking bug, he worked quite hard for months in Mexico on "Titanic."

Inspired by one of the greatest films ever made, Ryan came back to Las Vegas and raised the money for his script. "Desert Cemetery" which was his first feature while in his early 20's.

Currently, Ryan has made a superb short documentary based on his wife's disability. It's simply called "Julie the Blind Girl.": With several others, Ryan went on to make his first documentary feature shot entirely in Las Vegas called "Foreclosure City."

Now in his early 30's Ryan is gearing up for another feature film...this time bigger and better.

Stephen G Levy: Executive Producer, Writer
After a short career as a high school football player (1 game) Stephen opted for a safer sport known as contract bridge.
During his first year at Arizona State University, Stephen signed his first client.

Stephen pursued professional bridge-playing and in 1995 achieved the 5th highest ranking in the American Contract Bridge League. Annoyed with the egotistical people and super rich of the bridge world he opted for an easier and more isolated life...screenwriting.

Stephen is currently passionate about all aspects of filmmaking and hooked up with five other writers, actors and directors. Together they formed their own Las Vegas based production/entertainment company known as Point of Impact Entertainment.

With several projects in post production and another 30 in development, Stephen has lost his appetite for bridge.

Stephen has a Masters in Education and some other boring credentials.

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